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9, which she had been wearing, to the maid, she took No.
Besides, it will do you just as well as the one you're wearing, for all practical purposes.
Did he offer to lend you his class pin, or has it been so long since he graduated that he's left off wearing it?
Suddenly Joey was standing beside us, it could not have been more sudden though he had come from beneath the table, and he was wearing his pantomime clothes (which he told us afterward were the only clothes he had) and his red and white face was so funny that David made gurgling sounds, which were his laugh trying to force a passage.
The type and intensity of abrasive wear depends on abrasive mass (particle size, form, composition, hardness, dampness) and the wearing surface properties (composition, hardness), and also the abrasive particle and surface hardness ratio [3].
I like to look nice - Chelsea McGee, 18, a barmaid from Middlesbrough You do see people wearing a lot of make-up round here.
1 : to use as an article of clothing or decoration <He's wearing boots.
She came over to the car, wearing a bright blue dress and matching hijab, and my parents got out to meet her: my father, bearded and wearing suspenders, and my mother, head covered with a gray scarf.
Whereas, if you're wearing loose apparel, moisture is not as readily trapped and can drip out.
Over the years, applications have emerged that have caused the rapid wearing of specific components of the mixer.
Maybe it has sentimental value, or maybe you just like wearing it because it's comfortable.