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That ye might become weary of the words "reward," "retribution," "punishment," "righteous vengeance.
That ye might become weary of saying: "That an action is good is because it is unselfish.
we are weary of that King of France, Who never comes, but ever talks of coming.
Let Death go to houses Where there are vile, adulterous things, chaste wives Who growing weary of their noble lords Draw back the curtains of their marriage beds, And in polluted and dishonoured sheets Feed some unlawful lust.
Father," replied Adam, speaking with the calmness of his character, "I came to your village a disappointed man, weary of the world, worn out with continual trouble, seeking only a security against evil fortune, as I had no hope of good.
Receive the weary ones, who have known the vanity of earth,--receive the little children, that they may never learn that miserable lesson.
The party who had been sent with the canoes returned on the following day, weary and dejected.
I should have sailed on past Bull Head, and in the smoking white of Suisun Bay, and in the wine of wind that filled my sail and poured through me, I should have forgotten my weary brain and rested and refreshed it.
Why do I weary my hot eyes and my burning head by writing more?
It was late in the evening when the weary occupants of the shanties came flocking home,--men and women, in soiled and tattered garments, surly and uncomfortable, and in no mood to look pleasantly on new-comers.
A WEARY Traveller who had lain down and fallen asleep on the brink of a deep well was discovered by Dame Fortune.
We fought amongst ourselves, and the Dutch watched from afar till we were weary.