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2) Only out-of-the-way places provide shelter from the rushed, painfully invasive crowd and wearyingly "long streets" defining conventional commonplaces.
Careful analysis of a long list of foods from various parts of this country by McClendon, and in Switzerland by Fesselman, gave prompt and interesting response--interesting both because foods were found to differ enormously in their iodine content, some containing almost a hundred times as much as others, and because the group of iodine--rich foods is the very one with which we have become almost wearyingly familiar within the last five or ten years--the so-called vitamin group.
Its movement vocabulary is hidebound with tradition, and its depiction of a contemporary woman's anger is wearyingly superficial.
Bag uses the video camera as confessor but her confessions are loops of the thinking-life of people she's copied: the SVA student; bored British "sales associates" who moonlight in a band; a wearied and wearyingly pretentious feminist video artist; two disarmingly sweet boy geeks; Hello Kitty; you; me.
The very fact that Van Anglen is able convincingly to identify a "dominant class" (the phrase is somewhat wearyingly used throughout the text) reproducing itself in a clear line of descent for two hundred years suggests not a perpetually unresolved and threatening crisis of authority, but rather continuity and stability in the society as a whole and a remarkably creative resilience on the part of those in charge of it, however muddled their intellectual productions.
Further, almost all of the Republican or Libertarian challengers vying to run against an Obama second term have pledged to eliminate, or expressed willingness to consider eliminating, the ideologically extreme, shamelessly expensive, and wearyingly byzantine Department of Education.
The wearyingly popular literary story-within-a-story format is used here to incorporate a wild, seemingly random array of tricks and tangents.
But it was almost killed off before it got going by a wearyingly wordy introduction and despite some elegant dancing it sagged under the weight of its meaningful torpor.