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I don't know if you have ever noticed it, but the demarcation line on UK weather maps has always been inviolate.
It is also a story of technology, how the binary code of dots and dashes in the Morse code of the national telegraph network enabled the assembly of a daily weather map that covered the seven colonies of Australasia.
A jet streak is a core of even stronger winds within the jet stream, shown as purple on the weather map.
We capture the signals, and then I record them into the computer and by using special computer programmes, I decode the information into a digitised weather map," he added.
If this were a current weather map, what kind of weather would you expect where you live?
BBC weather manager Andrew Lane said: 'We are proud of the new weather map - it is very flexible, and we believe that it provides the clarity and realism that viewers want.
The new perspective weather map will be in use from today.
The computer tricks will allow forecasters to appear to swoop across the weather map.
His system will show drive times on computer screens in bright colors like a weather map.
The color weather map will be replaced by a black-and-white version with 1950s-era isobar lines.
The 64-year-old, who was a regular on the floating weather map in Liverpool's Albert Dock for ITV's This Morning, has been charged with nine counts of indecent assault and one serious sexual assault.
He is best known for his colourful appearances on the weather map for ITV's This Morning programme when hosted by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan at Liverpool's Albert Dock.

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