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I'm also a regular at a local weekly farmer's market where, week in, week out, the same dogged, weatherbeaten, enthusiastic organic farmers sell their meat and seasonal fruit and vegetables.
Look at the sepia photographs of any old 19th century weatherbeaten 13-year-old farmboy and compare it to your average listless teen today: who would you rather leave in charge of the house for the weekend?
Haw's makeshift tarpaulin shelter is there alongside 600 weatherbeaten banners, photographs, peace flags and messages.
AND IF we were to go forward from here, far forward, past Dagmar's trip to Thailand and Chip's third arrest, this time for being drunk and disorderly which somehow winds up with him doing community service, collecting garbage near the stadium on the outskirts of town, if we go beyond this and arrive several years down the road at a day when Dagmar is pushing her little girl in the stroller down by Water Street, and she sees him, sees Chip, and Chip looks like crap, all weatherbeaten, and he's with two other guys headed for the river, off to smoke or drink something, and Dagmar wonders how it is he could have missed it, that maybe it's not so bad to let others look after you now and again, maybe it doesn't hurt, maybe there's a point to that.
Gortex still dripping, they crammed into our overcrowded carriage hugging their soggy backpacks, goosebumps clearly visible on their weatherbeaten bare legs.
But hey, why bother dieting when you can get something amazing that flattens your stomach without having to inflict another salad on your weatherbeaten family?
NEMURO, Hokkaido: Windy and weatherbeaten, this slender slice of northeastern Japan surrenders to snow and ice much of the year.
Weatherbeaten Shacks form Beautiful Scene at Head," Hamilton Herald (hereafter Herald) 2 August 1924.
20pm, we decided T should go in and ask if they were still serving food, acting all the while tired, weatherbeaten and pathetic to emotionally blackmail them into making an exception in our case.
A man with a weatherbeaten face stepped out from behind the oak trees and stood in front of him.
Miller's emphasis on Peiresc's implicit connection with Gassendi's other biographical subject, Tycho Brahe, is surely correct; the pairing of the antiquarian with the astronomer, both masters of observation, foreshadows the comic debut of such figures as Thomas Nabbes's Horten, "an owner of rarities and antiquities," who proudly displays "A weatherbeaten stone with an inscription / That is not legible but through an optick," convinced by its minute markings that it was once an altar "in some Sibills cave / Three thousand years ago" (Thomas Nabbes, The Bride, A Comedie (1640) IV: I:47-49).
Standout tracks include the shadowy, Latin-flavored ``The Year of El Nino,'' with author Larry Rice supplying the suavely weatherbeaten lead vocal, an incisive version of Flatt & Scruggs' ``Be on That Good Road Someday,'' a wryly reflective cover of the Grateful Dead's ``Friend of the Devil,'' and any of the five tracks that highlight Hillman's warmly rugged vocals.