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The weatherbeaten Eastergate Lion memorial in Eastergate, West Sussex, was a sorry sight until it was cleaned and returned to its former glory.
Much of the weatherbeaten 67-year-old, locally owned mill still produces and stores lumber.
been so found in the from terrazzo stained The weatherbeaten roof is being fixed, while throughout the project contractors have experimented with using its stockpile Budd of stripped-out old materials to try to solve problems on site.
On the basis you paint your house every seven to 10 years, depending on how weatherbeaten it gets, I would just mix up a cement slurry 2-1 and brush it into the cracks, leave to it dry, then paint.
The exhibit will feature nine black-and-white portraits of domestic helpers showing their knotty fingers and weatherbeaten hands, harmed by harsh cleaning chemicals.
Four or five, you say, watching the smirk of triumph spread across their slightly weatherbeaten visages.
cold comfort Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in a weatherbeaten cloak
Alice goes from fury at her husband bringing home a hungry tramp to enchantment at this weatherbeaten, thoughtful man who can talk compasses and maps with Sam, knock up a pasta sauce and make her feel all hot and bothered.
A weatherbeaten man, who looks like a hobbit and returns every day, says: " No two days in these areas are ever the same; and even if you visited every single day of your life, with the volatile weather conditions and morphing geology, you'd continue to be confronted with entirely new realities.
MENTION the word homelessness and it conjures up images of weatherbeaten figures - usually male - bundled up in clothes and trying to grab some sleep on a cardboard 'bash' in a shop doorway.
For Captain Flint (Toby Stephens), Chalmers went for a weatherbeaten look.