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There are ways to ensure you get the best from your curly weaves or wigs:
Some of the more sophisticated weaves include the kundiman, monochromatic white with very fine and subtle patterns (tiny diamonds within diamonds, circles, squares and other geometric shapes).
This setup churns out high-quality weaves and allows the mill to step up the pace.
These traditional practices are but a few of the many weaving traditions around the country which we were able to share with a wide audience at the Manila FAME 2012 through the Hibla Pavilion of Textiles and Weaves which we did with the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).
The Andean Science of Weaving: Structures and Techniques of Warp-Faced Weaves
Leno weaves, also called gauze weaves, are very sheer, yet at the same time very durable because they are made with four warp threads that are twisted around each other.
Here is a quick visual reference guide to fabric weaves to help make the right selection for the right purpose.
For services like sew-in hair weaves, extensions, black hair care, natural relaxers and even just cut and color, you can count on the team at Honey Bee.
The collection for this season include experimentation in weaves and prints, striking the perfect balance between heritage textiles and contemporary attitude.
I think women who wear weaves are having trouble accepting the natural state of their hair or their overall identity.
Three different structures layer to layer, orthogonal and angle interlock weaves have been used.
Unlike the flat weaves that are typically found in this category, he said, "We use a sisal weave that gives us the flexibility to use several different weaves in one rug," and is produced on looms that can combine small and large loops, herringbone weaves and basket weaves in a single rug.