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In a lofty valley of the Cordillera, near Mendoza, I found another spider with a singularly-formed web.
The webs were placed vertically, as is invariably the case with the genus Epeira: they were separated from each other by a space of about two feet, but were all attached to certain common lines, which were of great length, and extended to all parts of the community.
The laws of friendship are austere and eternal, of one web with the laws of nature and of morals.
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As late as mid-afternoon yesterday, the county's Web site carried the headline 'Lead Not a Concern in County Water: The Web site did not mention that, on February 23, the county's Public Works Department quietly began sampling water in Arlington homes built before 1988, the last year lead solder was used.
has created "How to Find Reliable Health Information on the Internet," which provides the basics of both searching and evaluating health information on the Web.
There is little doubt that the use of the Web in pedagogy is becoming as ubiquitous as other teaching tools such as books and whiteboards.
Web-to-blade wear is the result of abrasion from a relatively compliant web as it rubs against a blade, much like a polishing belt.
Today's Web service technologies are being specifically designed to enhance the Internet strategies of the enterprise.
DISAM students could then be provided a copy of the Deskbook CD-ROM disk with all of their international training references and others needing those references could access them at the Deskbook web site.
With a web site, color photos and multiple pages can be added at little or no extra cost.