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The strategy to create a voice-activated web browser could also help Mozilla further grow its user base and remain relevant in the world of web browsers.
The analysis presented in Section 6 helps in understanding the difficulty of implementing secure web browser policies at the enterprise-level.
UC Browser is one of the most popular mobile web browsers. The browser is estimated to have 500 million registered users and is very popular in India and China.
Microsoft didn't invent the web browser, but it has invested heavily to promote Explorer since it was first launched in 1995.
Messaging platform WhatsApp has announced the service will now be available via web browsers.
When a web browser establishes a new connection with the web server system, idle processes are assigned to process requests from the web browser.
The Safari Web browser used on iPhones and iPads automatically blocks third-party cookies, but Google altered the computer code of its cookies and was able to circumvent the blocks between June 2011 and February 2012, according to the states' allegations.
The report said that the start-up company had launched its Facebook-focused web browser in late 2010 which never gained traction and so it later introduced a version for smartphones and tablets.
* The ability to work with modern web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera.
Ranger's new web interface supports most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.The plug-in is available for download TODAY; contact for more details.
Operasaid that more than 168 million people -- many of them "young and innovative," according to market research -- used the Opera Mini mobile web browser in March.
Internet Explorer is the dominant web browser globally, according to, with an estimated 44 per cent market share.