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On the whole, wedlock, as known among these Typees, seems to be of a more distinct and enduring nature than is usually the case with barbarous people.
Notwithstanding the existence of wedlock among the Typees, the Scriptural injunction to increase and multiply seems to be but indifferently attended to.
There they stood, in the first hour of wedlock, while the idle pleasures, of which their companions were the emblems, had given place to the sternest cares of life, personified by the dark Puritans.
The author of the "Cypria" (38) says that Thetis avoided wedlock with Zeus to please Hera; but that Zeus was angry and swore that she should mate with a mortal.
I was now a single person again, as I may call myself; I was loosed from all the obligations either of wedlock or mistress-ship in the world, except my husband the linen-draper, whom, I having not now heard from in almost fifteen years, nobody could blame me for thinking myself entirely freed from; seeing also he had at his going away told me, that if I did not hear frequently from him, I should conclude he was dead, and I might freely marry again to whom I pleased.
Forasmuch, Gruff and Glum, as John and Bella have consented together in holy wedlock, you may (in short) consider it done, and withdraw your two wooden legs from this temple.
A businesswoman in Sokoto, Rabiat Mustapha, 30, has been remanded in prison custody over alleged murder of her baby born out of wedlock.
The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has failed to resolve chronic problems facing teachers who joined FDE-run schools under the wedlock policy.
He suggests that government establishes a counseling department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs to counsel couples desirous of wedlock and also to employ services of qualified and professional counselors.
It is illegal in the UAE to have sex out of wedlock and unmarried women who have a baby in the country are immediately reported to the police - although the woman did claim she and the Palestinian were married according to customs in her country.
Summary: The 32-year-old was accused of having sex out of wedlock and kissing compatriots who stayed in an apartment with her
Children of unmarried couples do not even have to bear the burden of being born out of wedlock.