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This Government recognises the importance of having a targeted annual environmental weeds control program and over the past two budgets has increased base funding to allow for a longer term strategic planning outlook to weed control.
MULTAN -- The agriculture department urged farmers to take special care during installation of nurseries of different vegetables as weed seeds also get mixed in the field and conveyed losses the vegetables.
The False Dandelion: Also known as flatweed and catsear, this weed is very similar to its counterpart, the dandelion.
I've always said weeds are simply plants in the wrong place - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to recognise them.
1]: control treatment of weeds interference until end of lentil growth period
The strongest selection pressure for herbicide-resistant weeds tends to be in modern, high-intensity agricultural cropping systems due to a high reliance on herbicides.
The Ag Weed ID database includes information and images for nearly 75 of the most common agricultural weeds and is an easy way for producers to identify and address the weeds that threaten their business.
EcoWest designer Chloe Waretini had organized the event with the message "make love, and war on weeds.
Any study of the common weeds of lawn and garden should start with an awareness of their complexity.
Come spring, I prepared the trenches, planted the roots and then, along with the emerging asparagus, came the brome grass, Canada thistle, and a million varieties of annual weeds.
They are most effective on rosette-forming weeds and large-leaved weeds.
THE TOPIC: There's more to weeds than meets the eye, at least according to Richard Mabey, who explores the folklore, history, and biology of weeds.