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The blessed who weep are people who share God's concern for the poor and the hungry When they understand that theirs are the only hands God can use to make a difference, their compassion will not let them rest until they go into action.
Gods are at horrors Most of all they weep for you, Emma, and Rylan because you are both too nice and too pretty to be the faces of such dross.
Because if we truly want to make a difference in someone's life, we have to be able to see things through their eyes, to experience their pain, and to weep not just for them, but with them.
Both can and are translated "to weep." Because of its obscurity, however, there is an intensity to the way in which dakruo is used.
Of course, the official line is that he didn't weep. All the officials had been told that whatever happened there was not to be disclosed.
She spent much of last year doing art projects with Isabel, as Isabel got sicker and endured oceans of pain and grew more swollen and weary by the day, and just before Isabel died I came home one day to find my wife sprawled in the grass, weeping like I had never heard her weep before.
After three minutes, check the recuperator drainage and weep holes for oil leaks.
His research, he explains, has caused the tearing of one of his corneas; he is seared by pain that "makes not only the injured eye weep but the other eye too, and I, one of a generation to whom tears were forbidden--boys don't cry--I weep as if I had to shed all my mother's, my father's, my brother's suppressed tears, the tears of those who didn't know, who didn't want to know what they could have known, should have known." Though doubtless genuine, Timm's suffering seems burdened by religious overtones.
In masonry cavity construction it is essential that weep holes are built in every 24 inches and that a mortar collection device is installed to catch excess mortar droppings.
Another French case began in 1913 when a color print in the home of the Abbe Vachere began to bleed and weep. When the abbe's superiors confiscated the picture, another of his prints began to weep and bleed.
Who does not know the first lines of "Solitude": "Laugh and the world laughs with you, / Weep and you weep alone"?
For a man is not supposed to weep. Tears are for women and little girls.