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"Farewell!" sang the weeping Fairies, as the gates closed on their outcast friends; who, humbled and broken-hearted, gathered around Bud; and she, with cheering words, guided them back to the forest.
Day after day toiled little Bud, cheering the Fairies, who, angry and disappointed, would not listen to her gentle words, but turned away and sat alone weeping. They grieved her kind heart with many cruel words; but patiently she bore with them, and when they told her they could never perform so hard a task, and must dwell for ever in the dark forest, she answered gently, that the snow-white lily must be planted, and watered with repentant tears, before the robe of innocence could be won; that the sun of love must shine in their hearts, before the light could return to their dim crowns, and deeds of kindness must be performed, ere the power would come again to their now useless wands.
Grief greater than this I could not know, not even though I were to hear of the death of my father, who is now in Phthia weeping for the loss of me his son, who am here fighting the Trojans in a strange land for the accursed sake of Helen, nor yet though I should hear that my son is no more--he who is being brought up in Scyros--if indeed Neoptolemus is still living.
Two or three of the spectators were sniffling, and one was loudly weeping. The mourner arose and staggered into the other room.
But when asked by the two angels why she is weeping, she reasons out, "The body of Jesus has been taken away." She says the same to the Risen Jesus whom she takes to be the gardener.
This year, a fifth 'Weeping Sister' has been added to the procession to remember the victims of genocide in Burundi in Africa, which has recently been added to the genocide watchlist.
A similar weeping window poppy display at Caernarfon Castle in 2016 drew in more than 120,000 visitors.
Sally Hulse said the original idea came from Miriam Sanders who approached the vicar, Rev Kevin Ellis, and an appeal was made on social media for knitters or crocheters willing to come and help make the poppies to bring a "weeping wall" to life.
Dante's Tears: The Poetics of Weeping from Vita Nuova to the Commedia
The sculpture Weeping Window was seen by 125,505 people over the seven weeks that it was displayed at Woodhorn Museum, near Ashington, in 2015.
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