weight of numbers

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He dared not use his pistol for fear that once they discovered its power he would be overcome by weight of numbers and relieved of possession of what he considered his trump card, to be reserved until the last moment that it might be used to aid in his escape, for already the Englishman was planning, though almost hopelessly, such an attempt.
His pistol was wrenched from its holster and he was securely pinioned down by the weight of numbers.
I fought as best I could for my liberty and for hers, but the weight of numbers was too great, though I had the satisfaction at least of giving them a good fight.
And thus, by weight of numbers, they took Bertrade de Montfort and the Prince away from Norman of Torn without a blow being struck, and then the little, grim, gray, old man stepped forward.
The reasons are complex, but it's no secret that our current systems are groaning under the weight of numbers - add to that, many exercise the right to early retirement under public pension rules, and recruitment of new staff has proved to be fruitless in many areas.
Due to sheer weight of numbers I get the impression that the door to Britain has been open far too long.
The hosts replied with a try scored through weight of numbers after a surging midfield break.
Mr Murray, ground commander on the day of the tragedy, described the arrival of fans as unlike any he had seen before while Mr Mole described the sheer weight of numbers as "unique".
Weight of numbers favours Elliott, for whom Out Sam, Squouateur and Woods Well are strong candidates.
The Chinese have created a highly productive and turbo-charged system that is able to overwhelm its rivals with sheer weight of numbers and manufacturing might.
Earlier, he told reporters: "There is concern amongst the population writ large that there is an undermining through general immigration and the weight of numbers that we have got, and Islam as well, that our culture is being buried by this, being sort of pushed aside."
BRITISH people feel their culture is being "buried" by Islam and the "weight of numbers" of immigrants, Ukip's new leader has said.