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The Rhythmic Weight Shift (RWS) test evaluated the voluntary ability to move the COG from right to left and forward to backward between two targets (preset at 50% at the measured LOS of the participant) at slow (3 seconds peak to peak), medium (2 seconds peak to peak), and fast (1 second peak to peak) pacing [11].
When the rider is using weight shift control, UNI-CUB's incline sensor detects the direction in which the rider is leaning, allowing UNI-CUB to calculate the direction and speed intended by the rider.
The company says PostureLITE works by allowing continuous redistribution of air within the cushion with every weight shift. According to ROHO, this maximizes the contact area of the cushion to help manage pressure and increase tissue viability.
Throughout the Table Tilt exercise, the treating therapist cued the subject to "stand up tall" and to "lean forward" to prompt an anterior weight shift (which was difficult for the subject).
"It's great for balance because tap dance is all about weight shift," said Courtney Runft, an instructor at the American Tap Dance Center in New York.
One of the best ways to do this is to ensure you have correct weight shift within your swing.
The weight shift, especially the explosive hip rotation, initiates the swing.
To shift your weight from side to side, simply bend one knee a little and transfer your weight over to that side, then continue, alternating your weight shift. For a more athletic movement, bring your thighs together and apart as you shift your weight.
The decrease in medio-lateral weight shift shown in Freitas et al's study may indicate a deficit in this postural control mechanism in older adults.
Standard features include an MA rotating head capable of standard 10 to 1,000 rpm rotation, high performance Z-axis spindle capable of an up to 400-ipm-speed jump, and a fixed table that eliminates dielectric weight shift during machining and improves servo reaction speed and precision.
Neither of us was as concerned about the weight shift as much as we were happy the bottles were made of plastic and probably hadn't broken.
I always thought my balance was good, but "bending the knee" (which is what the word genuflection means) involves co-ordination and a weight shift that can be tricky if you aren't used to doing it.