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'I weightily accept the people's choices and resign,' Rep.
"the international anti-colonial movements in various European and Asian countries has latterly made itself felt so weightily that we see before us the fairly clear outlines of a new and incomparably higher stage in the international proletarian struggle."
We find the writer in the garden in summertime with apples 'expanding weightily', which also works as a comic analogue for the writer's imagination.
In years gone by the thrice repeated opening chords of Mozart's overture to The Magic Flute opera were played slowly and intoned weightily. Here they were brisk and peremptory, urgent rather than awe-inspiring.
It consequently weightily affects how directors set up their server farms extend and how they utilize and share that information.
And this goes quite a way towards offsetting the hideous electricity bill when it slams (weightily, and with an odd smell of sulphur) into my postbox every couple of months.
One of my own often-read books--though not as frequently consulted as Awesome Man, I can assure you--is From Ink Lake, a thick collection of Canadian fiction that sat weightily on my undergraduate reading list.
Somewhat more weightily, a Britain that is just another middle power would be less able to project military and diplomatic influence globally than it currently is, working in concert with the EU.
5 Vaillant; Le Nigel 4 challenged; weightily delicately?
Differences emerge only over how, and how weightily, these considerations enter the interpretive matrix."); Peter J.
Now the small, if weightily named, five-member strong Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee has published its findings suggesting changes to the rules which could allow more people in public bodies to stand for election without having to quit their jobs with the prospect of unemployment if they lose the gamble of standing in the election.
Art, we sometimes forget, isn't something that sits in a frame on the wall, or weightily on a pedestal.