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Although Shelley admits to seeing some of the strong weightiness of the poet, he nevertheless views Dante more as a poet of delicate detail, someone whose defining feature is his "lovliness.
The voice begins with appropriate weightiness, older than its bearer, a medium of wisdom handed from another generation.
The last session of the Rachel Corrie court case in Haifa had been repeatedly postponed on account of the weightiness of the witness.
The weightiness of O'Rourke's subject matter is leavened by her insight and wry humor.
the 'powers that be" the powers that have prestige and presence and all the weightiness of being .
The materials from which sculpture has traditionally been hewn--wood, metal, stone--seem to have imbued expectations of its subject matter and function with a similar quality of weightiness.
Even at that age I could feel the weightiness and the magnitude of the concerto.
The close- up view of the scene amplifies the elements in order of weightiness of elements for achievement of emphasis.
carefully delineating the nature and relative weightiness of the ends
Anyone missing this moral / mythic weightiness will find it hard to understand how he could move into what seem like dramatically different modes in later years; Bohm-Duchem underlines how hard it was for some of his earlier admirers and critics alike to come to terms with what he was doing by the eighties--by which time, his palette had changed considerably, especially his use of blue tones (rare in the fifties, though significant when present) and of harsher reds.
Issues relating to weight and diet are then explored and statistics spouted to give the series a certain weightiness - pardon the pun.
Surprisingly, given the weightiness of the topic, this is a book that is difficult to put down and an important book to pick up.