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Recent developments point to the likelihood of a "new" situation emerging this year in Syria, which is not surprising given the weightiness of Russian as well as US focus in that country these days.
Two things are involved, the issues and their weightiness.
The level of depth and the fictional financial statements help to convey the weightiness of this topic without being overbearing, and their inclusion makes this section very teachable and extremely practical.
If the book has a downside, it is the weightiness of the text, not in terms of page numbers but in subject matter.
With the development of novel ink materials based on nanotechnology improvement of the mechanical properties (ceramic enhanced and high-strength polymeric inks), the electrical conductivity (metal enhanced inks) and the weightiness (light weight polymeric materials) are achieved.
There is weightiness to the palate that imparts a rich texture to the flavors.
We believe the racial difference including weightiness variations and genes multiplicity might contribute to the discrepancy.
Its neat, trim one hundred and eighteen pages belie the weightiness of its content.
Each new obstacle (ostracism by her classmates, cyberbullying, conflict with her father) piles onto the last, adding to the weightiness of Minas situation without adding any new dimension to the story.
And the very last gesture of the story involves elevation and fall, as one of the townsfolk "[lifts]" the "long strand" of Emily's "iron-gray hair," with all the weightiness implied by that description, from the indented pillow (130).
Coppola and Milius eventually revised the 1969 script, with Coppola chiefly responsible for a new weightiness of intention as well as for the musings of Conrad 's enigmatic Kurtz in the guise of a psychotic Green Beret colonel, eventually played by Marlon Brando.
On the surface, it's stuff that space shooters like "Halo'' have been doing for years, but there's a weightiness and sheen to the execution here that more than makes up for the less-than-stellar single-player mode.