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Nwave Technologies is making the development kit obtainable at cost and the Weightless SIG is paying this cost making SDKs free to developers.
More than 525,000 views of the Official Weightless video following the first few weeks of the album release
Earthlings can feel weightless for a few seconds on looping roller coasters and hilly wooden ones.
In one study, 25 obese adults with moderate knee osteoarthritis pain participated in a 12-week weightless treadmill exercise program, twice a week for 25 minutes each session.
Has your company," I demanded, "discovered weightless moisture?
Weightless will face stiff opposition from Hawridge Prince and St Leger runner-up The Last Drop - fourth and second in the Listed Further Flight Stakes at Nottingham last month.
This afternoon's test represents a much stiffer one, but Weightless is teasingly well-handicapped if Littmoden can coax him back to anything like his best.
To be made eatable under weightless conditions, Space Ram is made of soup powder with increased viscosity.
With little character development and somewhat weightless dialog, Harlow tells a story that is almost entirely driven by plot and not entirely believable--two young teenagers uncover a German spy and sympathizer operation, with the Navy and FBI unable to do so.
Palmbeach 3', a contemporary art fair, takes place 14-15 January in Florida, and is offering buyers the opportunity to experience weightless flight of the kind that trainee astronauts receive (left), accompanied by their art collections.
Find out how to give your skin care luxurious, weightless feeling consumers love with Ceraphyl[R] SLK from ISP.