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IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT GRAVITY: weightlessly floating with ease.
Tempering the subtle composition are bold insertions of brushstrokes, weightlessly outlining a typical French hill town, with narrow alleys and tall shuttered buildings.
110); Notre Dame Cathedral, which he painted in 1903 as weightlessly emanating from the incense of the river fog (see Beetles 1986a, fig.
The semi-nude figure is tastefully covered by an amorphous drapery that seems to float weightlessly in some areas and hang with consequence in others (Figs.
cruise weightlessly and facelessly along highways of information that liquefy time, location, cultural context, and identity" (99).
features Maybelline New York's largest range of shades to date--18 shades of foundation and powder, six shades of concealer, 12 shades of blush and three shades of bronzer--all offering coverage to blend weightlessly and match skin tone.
* liding weightlessly through a white tunnel with the view obscured by a soft, billowing mist must surely be what it feels like to die.
Although heavy, the printed volume remains reasonably portable--but only because its load is lightened by the existence of the online version, which weightlessly carries supplementary material (along with the full text, of course); the print and online versions are marketed together and are not available separately.
They float down to the welcoming frozen earth, Gently, with ease, their aim to move gracefully and weightlessly by, Trillions of tiny, star-sized shapes dance through the air, without a care, As if alive, in a captivating ballet display, The array, of tiny stars move, twist and sway, Have they fallen from a far-away, distant Milky Way?
opposition of referentiality and a weightlessly ludic semiosis.
"What makes the Interactive Online Report[TM] so ideal for the iPad is that it enables attorneys to review reports electronically in virtually the same manner as if they were working with a printed document--by holding it wirelessly and almost weightlessly in their hands, being able to share it as a 'living' tablet with colleagues, being able to slip it into a briefcase, and being able to magnify small print as well as to view documents from both a vertical and horizontal perspective.
The dream of embarking on flights to heaven, engaging in colloquies with angels, depends on going to bed alone, turning the place of sleep into a death locale, where the soul vacates the body and soars weightlessly in space.