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Not a hand, my own or anybody else's, weighty or weighable, shall touch me," said Sancho.
In things that are tender and unpleasing, it is good to break the ice, by some whose words are of less weight, and to reserve the more weighty voice, to come in as by chance, so that he may be asked the question upon the other's speech: as Narcissus did, relating to Claudius the marriage of Messalina and Silius.
Before they had reached Bagration, the weighty tread of the mass of men marching in step could be heard.
Porthos gave me a happy look and again dropped into a weighty frame of mind.
This letter was brief enough, but it was freighted with a message of weighty import.
The reader, if he considers that this fellow was already obnoxious to Mr Western, and if he considers farther the weighty business by which that gentleman's displeasure had been incurred, will perhaps condemn this as a foolish and desperate undertaking; but if he should totally condemn young Jones on that account, he will greatly applaud him for strengthening himself with all imaginable interest on so arduous an occasion.
In the end, however, grasping out for ITS dominion with strong, green branches, asking weighty questions of the wind, the storm, and whatever is at home on high places;
the doctor plunged into deep meditation, as though resolving a weighty problem.
Summary: The weighty issue of obesity will be the subject of a discussion at a presentation today at the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) managed by Cleveland Clinic.
Out on the battlefield, the Master Chief feels more weighty than before, iron-sights aiming has been introduced and a smattering of in-the-moment, immersive QTE events punctuate blockbusting action scenes.
With so many weighty themes and emotionally-charged characters, this is a play that's often difficult to deliver, but the cast at the Loft have a good crack at it and for the most part convince.
In other Sheckler news, it seems the little rascal swept the brand new Arby's Action Sports Awards, an honor every bit as weighty as the average Arby's customer.