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While this suspect was a bit weirder than most, the fact is when you have to shoot someone's dog, almost nobody, handles it well.
What he finds, however--including sexual fetishism, financial deprivation, suicide attempts and a dying gypsy girl--looms decidedly weirder and more explicit than anything in Allen's canon.
The Weirder the Better" is a solid novel for young readers.
I'VE got a vested interest in this story, but just when you think Joey Barton's world couldn't get any weirder, another tale about him comes out which makes you do a double-take.
Then, weirder still, he agreed to meet up with the man who had held him captive - and take along some of his fellow hostages.
I found the article on time travel conundrums ("Time travel gets more plausible, yet weirder too," SN: 8/14/10, p.
Things continue to get weirder as the town seems to be undergoing a transformation.
When NASA scientists unveiled their first transiting exoplanet discoveries from the Kepler satellite (March issue, page 14), they mentioned two weirder creatures that also came up in the net: planet-sized transiting objects hotter than the stars they circle.
As he reaches breakdown, Reggie's behaviour becomes more erratic and his excuses to his secretary for lateness weirder and weirder.
Sheckler in tooth fairy movie with Billy Crystal and Mary Poppins At this point, it would be weirder if he wasn't
His corpse turns out to be his mortal form from over a century and a half in the future and before Case can ever ponder how this happened his life just gets weirder and weirder as he's whisked off to another dimension, and may unwittingly become royalty, where finding his future corpse doesn't seem so weird.