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Describing the castle, in an article entitled "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are visiting Britain's weirdest castle", the magazine says: "Meghan might feel like she's back on a film set and she will be; the BBC have filmed both Doctor Who and Sherlock here.
Sydney [Australia], November 11 ( ANI ): Former world number one Andy Murray recently became a father for second time, and a Scottish butcher marked the baby's arrival in the weirdest way possible.
Megan Menzer (MM): The weirdest product we've done well with was lingerie
The weirdest time I have ever been asked for an autograph, or something similar, was when some guy followed me into the toilets and passed me a phone to speak to his wife," said Smith.
Nature's Weirdest Events (BBC Two, Thursday, 8pm) | WE'VE had our fair share of bad weather already this winter, prompting comments along the lines of "it's raining cats and dogs
Summary: A mobile phone insurance website has revealed their top 10 weirdest insurance claims.
The travel experts at Cheapflights serve up their list of the Top 10 Weirdest Restaurants around the world.
It's always the normal places that have the weirdest shit going on, right?
Summary: What with a few racist receipts and extravagant bills making it to the internet, Kipp's wondering what the weirdest receipt you ever received was like.
Grown-ups and their surveys worry about the weirdest things.
Host Charlie Brooker, above, officially the Funniest Man In The World, and his guests answer questions on the week's TV, with the most popular and weirdest shows getting the most attention.