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London, Nov 25 (ANI): Health and safety officials in Britain have ordered the removal of welcome mats in communal areas because they are deemed to be a "fire risk".
Twenty-five percent of the welcome mat sales will be donated to BCRF in the U.
When the all-Spanish UEFA Cup Final between Sevilla and Espanyol was staged at Hampden last year, Glasgow rolled out the welcome mat to the huge invading army of supporters, laying on screens and fan parks.
Consumers nationwide entered their unique pink ribbon welcome mat designs for a chance to be included in Carpet One Floor & Home's Fall 2007 welcome mat collection.
Oliver Paipoonge had the welcome mat rolled and Thunder Bay didn't.
It is time to start slaying our real enemies and start treating our friends, like those who put out the welcome mat at American Airlines, with a little more respect.
observed in an October 17 press release that A Line in the Sand "confirms once again what the American people have known for years--that our porous borders are a welcome mat for terrorists.
Aston Villa's boss launched his big-time career at the club but he isn't expecting the welcome mat rolled out for him before Tuesday's Carling Cup clash.
Three new pavilions have been inserted between the existing buildings: offices on 37th Street to the north, a 6m cube called the Thaw Gallery to the south, and a three-storey entry pavilion on Madison Avenue that, in its transparency, offers a symbolic welcome mat.
After a drop in the number of international tourists visiting Venezuela due to the political turbulence over the last few years, the government is working on a program to promote and sell Margarita Island as the country's welcome mat.