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A few seasons hence, Devon Guthrie's welcomely assertive Elvira may be floating her top notes more beguilingly, and all of the role with more distinctive a timbre.
The race was almost consigned to the overflowing dustbin of history a few years ago, but has survived and thrived in the welcomely anachronistic kind of way that still informs much of what is good about this curiously English meeting.
* Russia is refunding Iran's down-payment for a sophisticated anti-aircraft systemfurther proof, says the U.S., that Russia is welcomely toughening up in its dealings with the Islamic Republic.
Young director White shoots the film with some almost neorealist splashes of grit, and the scenes set around the project grounds feel welcomely vivid and lived-in.
The ST is a capable sports estate but less of a load lugger than the Citroen C5 or Mondeo equivalent, welcomely compact while still doing the job, reminding us of just how bloated modern family estates have grown.