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Welcomers in the vestiblue were Ali Dwyer and Joanna Ambler.
Based in the lobby and instantly identifiable, the Welcomer greets customers and remains their contact to accommodate all types of needs throughout their stay.
We have this welcomer service all over the country, but unfortunately our staff cannot stay with customers all the time.
Jean works as an official welcomer for bewildered visitors on the concourse at the huge Cardiff hospital.
Arthur MacArthur who was serving as military governor, was not among the welcomers.
Evidence of spiritual experiences is drawn mostly from observations and pastoral conversations gathered from clergy / chaplains, volunteer guides and churchsitters / welcomers or from comments made in visitors' books or online message boards.
The welcomers were Henry and Margaret Tennant who also read the lessons.
Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin led official welcomers at Clark, saying, "We are finally back in the supersonic age.
Following that, the Ethiopian prime minister shook hands with senior welcomers including Prince Dr.
They used it to motivate and inspire teams of young welcomers or "ambassadors" from local schools.
Lou Chapman, Northumberland Wildlife Trust volunteers co-ordinator, said: "We would love to recruit a team of volunteer site welcomers to greet visitors at the main entrance on open days and to assist with parking and directions on special event days.
Being neither territorial nor aggressive, they make ideal canine welcomers for visitors.