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She is welcome," returned the chief of the latter nation, still more emphatically.
The stranger is always welcome to the children of the Lenape.
They have been in my wigwams, but they found there no one to say welcome.
Glad to see you back again, Julie," he said, ignoring her mother's outstretched hand and beaming smile of welcome.
Can you not see that we are not welcome, that he wishes us gone?
And the idle Fairies, with thankful words, took the garments from her, and then with Bud went forth to Fairy-Land, and stood with beating hearts before the gates; where crowds of Fairy friends came forth to welcome them.
These things must I do; but when the flowers bloom again I will be with you, to welcome back our friends from over the sea.
Yes, dear Bud, we will gladly toil among the roots, that the fair flowers may wear their gayest robes to welcome you.
Its rosy face smiled kindly down, As the friendless worm drew near; And its low voice, softly whispering, said "Poor thing, thou art welcome here; Close at my side, in the soft green moss, Thou wilt find a quiet bed, Where thou canst softly sleep till Spring, With my leaves above thee spread.
I have sent messengers to summon all of Dorothy's old friends to meet her and give her welcome, and they ought to arrive very soon, now.
While I was thus engaged, Ernest entered: he had heard me arrive, and hastened to welcome me: "Welcome, my dearest Victor," said he.
I saw unhappiness deeply impressed on his countenance, but he endeavoured to welcome me cheerfully; and, after we had exchanged our mournful greeting, would have introduced some other topic than that of our disaster, had not Ernest exclaimed, "Good God, papa