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Welcoming Week is a time to celebrate the values that unite us as neighbors, parents and colleagues, and to make our towns more welcoming to newcomers and to everyone who calls our community home," added Melynda A.
Welcoming includes activities such as greeting and introducing proteges to the mentor and the people and spaces that make up the workplace, providing guided tours, and explaining routines and cultural norms (see Table 1 and Figure 1).
Whether a parish is welcoming or not is often embedded in the parish culture.
The cavalry unit's attendance marks a shift in welcoming ceremony traditions and is reminiscent of the Ottoman era, when foreign leaders were welcomed by Ottoman cavalry units in grand ceremonies at Topkapy Palace.
Huddersfield is a really welcoming place, but we need local groups to join up.
In this case, BC wanted to provide wording that said it is more welcoming, but did not want to open itself up to contrary legal interpretation given its exempt status as a Catholic school
Or we might simply avoid contact with the Other by not welcoming it into our tightly controlled existence in the first place.
Many AKAM properties have created site-specific welcome packages that run the gamut from a stylish welcoming newsletter that includes information on the building, neighborhood services, board information, and rules and regulations to a full-blown welcome basket brimming with samples and discount coupons from local stores.
Welcoming the poor is a sign of true love for Jesus Christ as proven by Saint Francis who kisses the leper because in him he recognized the suffering Christ
I had to laugh at the article on the young lad from Castle Bromwich who had the honour of welcoming President Clinton to Birmingham Airport, especially as he had obviously been told beforehand to say "Welcome to Solihull, Mr President
Badge wearers do not have to be fluent in the language but should be able to be welcoming and offer help and directions.