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The teach WELD Welding Simulator is an exciting new opportunity in education.
In order to reduce the test program, one specimen was used for welding three welds with different welding parameters.
Another application for HLAW is high-speed welding using the laser beam to stabilize the weld pool.
Subsequently, the interrelationships between the microstructure in the weld region and the resulting weld strength and fatigue are discussed in the light of this phenomenological information, for neat polymers, filled polymers, polymer blends, and foams.
The weld penetration increases when the welding speed decreases because the heat input per unit length of weld is higher.
The simulations show in "live" animation the horn's amplitude and stresses during a weld through the use of visual indicators such as color and line patterns, as well as numeric values.
Some have argued that Weld changed his position in order to be more competitive in New York's Republican gubernatorial primary, but Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, calls that strategy "just plain dumb.
The 2D ultrasonic array as applied to spot weld testing is a new conception in ultrasonic testing [1-6].
wide fins) is of uniform wall thickness and is non-leaking because it has no weld joints.
User-friendly systems with microprocessor technology simplify the programming process by providing a step-by-step procedure in the creation of a weld program for a variety of tube diameters, wall thicknesses and base materials.