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'Instead of us having to use material for training purposes as we try to perfect welding, the system shows us the proper techniques we need to use in order to weld properly,' said Airman 1st Class Taylor Dow, 7th EMS metals technology apprentice.
IPG has developed a new inline weld monitoring system, based on technology originally developed by Laser Depth Dynamics--a Canadian start-up launched in 2012, acquired by IPG in late 2017--that takes full advantage of these recent advances.
It is evident that the dimensions of the weld and herewith the quality of welded joints greatly depend on welding process parameters such as welding current, arc voltage, filler rod feed rate, travel speed, shielding gas flow, etc.
Inprocess weld rework of castings, also referred to as cosmetic weld repair, is a routine casting finishing activity used to mend such casting surface imperfections across almost all alloy families and molding processes.
Production rate (meters of weld per minute) is lower than with dip transfer (i.e.
When an Arc is struck, the steel inner core melts to fill the weld and the outside coating burns to create a gas pocket and a layer of material called "slag" that shields the welding pool from the environment.
The minitab software has been used to investigate the interaction of each welding parameters on weld strength.
Analytical stress intensity factor solutions for continuous welds in lap-shear specimens with idealized weld geometries were presented in Amodeo and Pan [15].
As the weldment thickness increases, the number of weld passes also increases, which need a lot of computation time to analyze the welding residual stress.
These studies investigated the impacts of welding parameters, that is, weld pressure, amplitude, and filler content, on the weld strength of nanocomposite materials.
Productivity and quality benefits are found in applications such as narrow groove welds, pipe welds, clad overlay, square butt joints, high-speed fillet welds, hard banding, and others.
Weld Wizard provides fast, accurate information on the deposition rate and on the energy-per-unit-length derived from interpolated welding parameters.