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If you try to weld beyond your duty cycle, your welder and welds will suffer.
The objective of this work is to obtain the optimized welding parameters through the full factorial design of experiments methodology and also the interactions of each welding variables on the weld strength has been studied.
In this paper, the distributions of the mode I and mode II stress intensity factor solutions along the fronts of the pre-existing cracks of continuous and discontinuous gas metal arc welds in lap-shear specimens are investigated by three-dimensional finite element analyses.
To determine the weld strength prepared under different weld conditions, at least 10 testing samples under each weld condition, which were milled from different welds, were tested.
The weld pool stabilization prevents weld humping at high speeds and improves side-wall fusion in groove welds.
Weld bead placement is critical when making multiple passes on thick sections of metal, especially on the root passes of plug welds or wide V-groove openings.
The tailored blank industry was the first on investing on the hybrid laser-arc welding because of the need of wide high quality welds made at high speed; afterwards many industrial fields were attracted by the process such as the construction, ship building and the pipeline industries.
A NEW, groundbreaking internal weld inspection system has been launched that inspects the internal size and shape of girth welds on pipes that are destined for use in deep sea subsea oil and gas applications.
AN INTERNAL weld inspection system that inspects the shape and size of girth welds on pipes destined for deep oil and gas applications has been launched.
3 : to join closely <The author welds two stories into one.