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New Delhi [India], September 21 ( ANI ): People of the Northeast region are well-known for their versatility and for being well-acquainted with art, fashion and music.
Any regular readers down the years (God help you) will be well-acquainted with our love for Andrew Weatherall.
SING ON: The Doha audience is well-acquainted with Quasain Ali's voice who has performed multiple gigs in the city.
Cheeky Smudge is so well-acquainted with the staff at Kaye's he even uses the back-door staff entrance.
Since we are well-acquainted with the processes and procedures employed by broadcasters, we are in a position to embed Fairlight's innovative solutions optimally into our customers' workflows and infrastructures," added Daniel Url, Managing Director of Qvest Media.
Because we have been dedicated to serving this segment of the credit union industry for many years, we were well-acquainted with the need for a turnkey, fully supported cards program, and we developed Clique to meet this need.
Stressing that Kuwaitis have been over the years well-acquainted with volunteer and charitable work, ambassador Nasser Al-Sabeeh, director of the department of follow-up work and coordination at the ministry of foreign affairs, noted in a similar speech at the forum that the late Fahad Farhan Al-Khaled was an early Kuwaiti philanthropist who established the first charitable and volunteer society in Kuwait in 1913.
Regarding suspect Narain, police had claimed it was found that he had accompanied the Tharoor couple from KIMS Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, and remained with Pushkar in the hotel from January 15-17, 2014 till her death and that he was very well-acquainted with the facts relating to her death.
WE ARE well-acquainted with the arrogance and audacious sense of entitlement of PASYDY boss Glafcos Hadjipetrou.
And thanks to JetBlueas new direct flights from JFK to the country every Tuesday and Saturday, more travelers will have the ability to become well-acquainted with the "dushi" sweet side of Willemstad and all that Curacao has in store.
Cricket fans will be well-acquainted with the IPL, which brings together top cricket professionals to perform in an entertaining tournament.