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If the client is faced with irreparable damage, the practitioner may be well-advised to seek a TAO under Sec.
Taxpayers may be well-advised to borrow from a bank rather than a related entity, and lend the proceeds of the loan to the loss S corporation to create basis.
Sellers who get offers below their asking price might be well-advised to grab them in the next few weeks especially in light of this week's rise in interest rates, as reports show that property prices are static in three-quarters of England and Wales.
Those looking to achieve the most for their money will be well-advised to check out Turkey ( described by many as the new Spain.
Motorists would be 'well-advised' to compare prices in different member states so they can make a 'fully-informed' purchase, said Competition Commissioner Mario Monti.
On the basis of their respective displays on Saturday, the Anfield outcast would be well-advised to abandon his all-but-completed move to the Teessiders and join Alex McLeish's Capital revolution.
Professor Botvin urged Scots to learn from his country's mistakes, saying: "You would be well-advised to look at the programmes that have been effective here rather than experience the pain yourself." For almost two decades, Botvin has been researching ways of keeping children off drugs, and he is hailed as a visionary by Alistair Ramsay, the new leader of Scotland Against Drugs.
Architects are well-advised to try to address some of these concerns in their contract to create a chilling effect as to making changes in the drawings or using them.
Practitioners would be well-advised to examine any claims that have been denied in light of the Risman decision.
She would be well-advised not to confuse fact and fiction in her writing.
Homeowners trading up might be well-advised to get cracking before Chancellor Gordon Brown raises stamp duty in his Spring Budget.
There is no serious suggestion that Mr Blair did anything wrong, although whether he was well-advised is a different matter.