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On the contrary, I know of many animal eaters who do not eat a well-balanced diet, and this is demonstrated by the push from the government health department to attempt to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables, the so-called five-a-day, in order to try and reduce the spiralling increase in heart disease.
Regarding our present food situation, we are told that with good management there should be enough food to supply everyone with a healthful and well-balanced diet.
The court concluded that this value represented the price a hypothetical willing seller would expect as compensation for the inventory's current replacement cost and a fair return for accumulating and preparing a well-balanced inventory for distribution.
We also want him to eat a well-balanced meal before going to bed, with 60% of the calories coming from carbohydrates, 25% from fat, and 15% from protein.
The Juilliard Dance Ensemble offered an unusually well-balanced program to the public for its "Spring Performances" in February.
His biography offers a well-balanced and nuanced treatment of a difficult subject.
Almost all the contributions are well written and all are remarkably well-balanced and sophisticated on such racial matters as black nationalism, integration, the racism of white America and how these issues affected Ali and many of the authors themselves.
The "Eye," as it is familiarly known, is described as a well-balanced ale that is brewed three times a year: for the Fourth of July, the brewery anniversary and for Octoberfest.
The best advice still is to eat a well-balanced diet in moderation.
Each community CFDC takes turns helping the others, so the assistance is well-balanced throughout the area," DeMarco notes.
Jonathan Dracos, Investcorp Managing Director, commented, "We invested in this opportunity not only because we like the individual assets, which create a well-balanced portfolio, but also because we believe Broadway Partners will be an extremely proactive, value-added operating partner.