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"The firm disclosed the value of the initial well-based contracts at QR2.39 billion.
The firm terms of the well-based contracts will commence in 2020 with initial terms concluding in 2023 and 2024 and an estimated total contract value (including mobilisation income) of
A Taff's Well-based civil and structural engineering company has grown by 300% and employed six new members of staff since it started using cloud technology to integrate its systems and streamline its processes.
The value of the well-based contract is estimated at USD 150-200 million for six wells.
Paul Murphy, the charity manager for Taff's Well-based Halcyon, said it took eight days to reach their makeshift football pitch at Kala Patthar.
On the pre-electoral meeting in Tetovo village Tearce, PDSH leader, Menduh Thaci stated that they are well-based in this municipality with strong officials.
'In their discretion, if they believe that the study is well-based, then they can adopt, reject or modify whatever is going to be submitted.'
On the other hand, the local economy achieved a remarkable development as the GDP doubled since the establishment of the Emirati union till last year by 236 times, as a result of continuous efforts exerted in development of human resources, besides preparing a well-based infrastructure according to interntional standards and backed by stimulating economic regulations and policies which are open to the world.
It was necessary the week and diffident institutions to be strengthened in order to result in a sustainable and well-based economy.
Looking at well-based database searching and indexing techniques, Bhattacharya focuses mostly on similarity search queries, which return objects from the database that are similar to the query object as well as those that exactly match it.
Each year, this sudden influx of spring's water runoff overwhelms public and private well-based drainage systems.
They repeat the well-based equation that the frost in the accession process and the loss of appetite on a public level in Turkey for membership has led to stagnation in reforms.