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Producer Mark Nevers shows a deft hand with well-chosen standards (Merle Haggard's "You Don't Have Very Far To Go" and Charlie Rich's "You Never Really Wanted Me"), four tracks written by Staton herself (the biting "In Name Only" is a standout), and the Will Oldham-penned title cut that allows Staton's return to expand far past easy survivor cliche into the realm of the triumphant.
Your regular columnists are well-chosen. I particularly look forward to Naomi Klein and appreciate ending with a good laugh from Lyn Cockburn.
He concludes that problems of infertility can be addressed effectively through adoption of a few well-chosen social policies, although they would be expensive.
Kudos to South Florida network leader Keith Wintermeyer, MD, for organizing an event attendees described as brilliant, thoroughly enjoyable, well-chosen and well-delivered.
From true stories of optimistic photographers struggling to use their craft to help the oppressed, to the stunning impact that cameras any layperson can easily use have had upon photography as a whole, Between The Eyes is an insightful, contemplative, tightly written set of discussions, illustrated with a handful of well-chosen photographic images.
The well-chosen artworks complement intriguing photographs of the two, which convey a strong sense of the artists' personalities and passions.
By day four, almost all the major media were reporting that the federal government's response was "a national disgrace." Meanwhile George Bush finally made his photo-op appearance in a few well-chosen disaster areas--before romping off to play golf.
That feeling is due not just to Fleming's unstudied vocal freedom but also to the work of her well-chosen collaborators.
The topics for the sketches are remarkably well-chosen and provide marvelous insights into the life of each man.
Aside from more obvious things like bringing you up to speed on the differences in process, reliability, timing of rate lock, and the likelihood of a particular lender imposing onerous conditions or making unwanted changes later on in the process, a well-chosen mortgage broker knows the terrain.
Yet God did not take out Jerusalem with fire and brimstone as a response to the Crucifixion or even perform surgical strikes against the few well-chosen political leaders who orchestrated this atrocity.
That will never be easy for anyone, but reading and digesting a book like this, with its host of well-chosen and well-analyzed examples, can certainly help.