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Cost reductions often take three to five years even for well-conducted programs.
Combined with allegations of vote buying, those scandals damaged public trust in the election process, although polling was generally well-conducted, said the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which monitored the election.
By all appearances, this was a smooth and well-conducted deal, and has even arrived ahead of the schedule many had anticipated.
Overall, this was a well-conducted secondary analysis that tackled an important issue.
Council members also commended the Libyan authorities - particularly the High National Electoral Commission HNEC, of Libya, domestic observers and all others involved - for the well-conducted preparations and management of elections on the day.
Masoud, the captain of the Tellicherry team, said after receiving the trophy: "We enjoy playing in this tournament because it is a very well-conducted event.
Our projects are diversified and well-conducted, which minimizes the risk for investors, since there is always a second option in case the first one does not turn out to be successful," said Testo, describing Grizzly Discoveries' strategy.
Widespread surveillance of existing implants is urgently needed alongside the carefully monitored introduction of new implant designs as part of well-conducted, large-scale randomised trials.
This paper summarizes five well-conducted, low-cost RCTs, carried out in real-world community settings.
Mike Kerr, professor of learning disability psychiatry at Cardiff University, said: "This is an important, well-conducted study that adds valuable information to diminish one of the unproven stigmas associated with epilepsy.
Poland, which relies almost entirely on gas deliveries from Russia, could achieve gas security by 2035, he said, adding that he had been assured that well-conducted exploration and production would not endanger the environment.