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In both cases, clear and well-defined objectives are needed, along with a clear exit strategy: one where the military objective has been met, another if it can't.
In order to take full advantage of modularity in design, interface standards must be well-defined, mature, widely used, and readily available.
To explore the structure-property relationships between polymer macrostructure and processing, a series of elastomers with well-defined branch structure was synthesized using solution anionic polymerization methods and controlled post-polymerization linking reactions.
Corrosive environments were characterized in a kraft recovery boiler, which had well-defined areas with high corrosion rates and low corrosion rates.
Mineo's interpretation deconstructs the myth of the Sicilian baronage as a well-defined and powerful caste capable of winning its independence and emphasizes in its place the nobility's fluidity and complexity as well as the changes it underwent over time.
We've set back the brick-arched structure 20 feet from the street to create a well-defined entry plaza of brick pavers and appropriate landscaping," said Paul E.
New York--The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) once had a well-defined, noble mission--to ensure the survival of underprivileged children, particularly those of the Third World.
The bridge is fairly low, with a very well-defined tip.
The eighteen-member corps and three principal couples moved from courtly, mannered formality to fairly unbridled expressiveness in three well-defined sections set to excerpts from Jean-Philippe Rameau's operas Zais and Nais.
By combining efforts, however, RIM and IT professionals, under the direction of the CIO, can create a well-defined, enterprise-wide records management strategy that will pay off from not only from the economic perspective, but also from the customer service and legal perspectives.
For while in LOTR the line dividing good and evil is always clear and well-defined, it is muddled -- deliberately, one senses -- in Harry Potter.