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Nor will we accept directors that we do not have confidence will be loyalists, by which I mean conscientious, responsible, thorough, but well-disposed, like the incumbents, though, obviously, I didn't say that.
Many of the attendees were already using social software such as blogs and wikis, and most were well-disposed toward it.
37) Therefore, setting out in the Declaration of Independence the causes for the rebellion would in itself garner the assent of the rest of the well-disposed world.
Singapore's elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew has projected that Asia will become the world's largest economic region in 50 years, powered by China and India, and is well-disposed to achieving a giant trading bloc.
Lucy remembered him as 'a remarkably quiet, well-disposed child', not particularly fond of books, but of a meditative nature.
Make self visible to someone, preferably female, you have reason to believe may be fairly well-disposed.
Having said this, we must never lose sight of the huge potential that resides within a united Europe and well-disposed America working together as a force for good.
Torrijos has so far succeeded in normalizing relations with Venezuela, largely because that country is well-disposed toward the idea, but Cuba remains a problem.
The general opinion among travellers towards biometry is positive and those who have tried it are even more well-disposed towards it.
In any case, somebody who, like our author, can show himself equally well-disposed to Plutarch and to P.
Simmons-Harris ruling that states would be free and well-disposed to pass voucher laws.
Perhaps the Bretons have always been more humble and well-disposed to the British than the rest of France.