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Of course the waiter was the first to explain that as per food safety regulations we were unable to deliver their expectations, but at the end I had to interrupt personally and explain that chicken will only be served well-done."
A waiter who wished to remain anonymous reportedly said, "The president ordered a well-done steak.
This attention to detail is necessary, because 2 degrees can make the difference between medium and well-done.
But, as it is so well-done and well-acted, I'll enjoy trying to make sense of it all during the next four weeks.
Tariq Al-Zadjali, addressing the meeting, gave the Organization a pat on the back for a job well-done over the past two-year period, citing its successful handling of the project for Arab food security and the program for sustainable agricultural development in the province of Darfur in Sudan.
The session ended with all the children been given Pudsey party bags as a well-done gift for finding him.
Perfect for producing a rare, medium or well-done prime steak.
"Just a demon." It was a surprisingly well-done and well-written episode by show creator (and "Avengers" director) Joss Whedon, with music that's fun and engaging, and which - unlike a lot of "musical episodes" of TV shows - had big ramifications for the characters and the show's plot.
Lower the oven to 180degC/350F/Gas 4 and roast for 20 mins per 500g (1lb) for medium-done meat, or 25 mins for well-done meat, until the meat thermometer registers 75-80degC (170-175degF), and the fat is crisp and golden.
I like the well-done cover article about Richard Branson and the Reporter's Notebook bonus feature on your website, although I wish the notebook would have been a bit longer.
At first glance, the book appears to be another well-done coffee table book covering the bombing offensive against Germany, but it is more.
Several epidemiological studies have shown a possible correlation between the consumption of well-done meats and different types of cancers in humans.