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He's well-drawn in stall one today and makes plenty of appeal in the first division of the Crowne Plaza Race & Stay Handicap.
As an old-fashioned, formerly quiet Netherlands town faces a curse that moves relentlessly through time and space, Elizabeth, her grandfather, and other characters struggle with themselves and their impossible odds of success in a fantasy that blends time travel, supernatural influences, and mystery into a solidly engrossing read packed with twists, turns, and well-drawn characters.
This is basically a crime/mystery story along the lines of Smart (Kim Slater) and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Mark Haddon) with well-drawn, interesting characters and a tense plot that keeps the reader involved, interspersed with notes and lists that break up the text.
David Pruhs's dog was secondin behind well-drawn kennelmate Dark Recruit in the betting, but made his 2-1 SP look a nonsense with an absolute flier from the boxes.
Epiphanies await Bridey throughout Dodging Satan, and such well-drawn, jaw-dropping moments are significant.
NO DISRESPECT to all those who put so much time and talent into the stories of the murder investigations our heroines are trying to solve, but Scott and Bailey (ITV, Wednesday) is all about the interplay of its well-drawn main characters, isn't it?
Featuring a likeable and well-drawn cast of characters, this brims with glamour and romance, but also deals with bereavement and recovery with poignancy.
In the second in her series, McKinley's well-drawn characters, from Beau, Lee, The Bomb and M (Kensington, 2014), return and take the reader through an exciting adventure to Alaska for answers to Rylee's family mystery; Leonie's nearly fatal battle with an eating disorder; Beau's quiet settling into himself; and the Bomb's heroic brush with death.
Alastair Gledhill, Marketing Executive for Renaissance Learning, said: "Although there were many strong entries, Giselle's stood out for being both well-drawn and engagingly written.
Interactions are constantly changing and graphically realistic, protagonists are complex but well-drawn, and the story succeeds in immersing readers in a fantasy universe packed with action.
The characters were realistic and well-drawn, and the dialogue between them--especially between Zac and Mia--was very authentic, and often funny.
The characters are well-drawn and varied, albeit often lacking in their ability to think for themselves.