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A well-earned cuppa Families came down to celebrate
WELL-EARNED PRIZE: Coronation Street writer Jan McVerry with David Neilson Although she tells Insider it was backstage that she achieved her second ambition of the night.
Llanelli probably deserved the losing bonus they failed to get, but 4-1 on tries and a huge tackle count well-earned Bedwas the points.
BMG has a well-earned reputation for low-priced, well-packaged compilations of hard-to-find goodies.
During its short lifetime, the DHS's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) acquired a well-earned reputation for hiring petty thieves to inspect baggage at airports (see "TSA: Thieves, Spendthrifts, Authoritarians" in our November 15, 2004 issue).
Brandon Costa rides the snake and ends it with a well-earned frontside in Arcata, CA.
It was a terrible idea to start with and there were no mourners at its well-earned funeral.
Sixteen well-earned medals later, Hall has received the recognition he rightly deserved.
I expect," he concludes, "that those Jesuits who pushed for this statement had to sweat blood, and will receive their well-earned service medals in the world to come.
At 70 a man should take a well-earned rest and as for working at 83 it is ridiculous.
A small, inner-brain region called the hippocampus boasts a well-earned reputation as a memory hub.