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Judge Greally described the girl's victim impact report - which was not read out in court - as an "honest and extremely well-expressed account" of the pain, isolation, emotional turmoil and loss of trust that she has suffered.
At the end of the speech, Chief Minister felicitated Finance Minister for presenting the budget speech in a well-expressed style and commended her presentation as well.
After all, religionists and nones may argue around the edges, but we hold almost all fundamental values in common, and well-expressed common values can be as effective as religion when imploring our elected officials to use their power to advance society.
As a mainly biographical work, the philosophical sections of this book are expository and are usually well-expressed and accurate.
viotdale said: "Our decision to e to Mahmoona was ut she delivered oposal which was , well-expressed.
The council is very conscious of the strong and very well-expressed views of everyone who has been in touch asking for the withdrawal to be reconsidered.
But the nurturing role of books and concern for their survival--two of Polastron's major themes--are he notes well-expressed by Ramesses II (1279-1213 BCE) whose "sacred library" bore a plaque stating: "House for Care of the Soul.
The compassion is sensible, not sentimental, a fact well-expressed in the final poem of the book, "Sharing the karma" (p.
He has been around a long time and that big smile and series of well-expressed expletives will suddenly be gone.
22) was well-expressed and evocative of detail, though the temptation to take predictable political shots at the end is apparently something of which you aren't entirely in control.
The concern to teach "for" the right answer has further negative ramifications than the well-expressed concern for the overemphasis placed on teaching to the test.
The State of Israel seeks to put the claims of Jews from Arab countries on the table, parallel to the extremely well-expressed claim by [the Arabs] that left in 1948 and 1967.