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According to the guideline for fractures around a well-fixed stem (Vancouver B1 fractures) in normal bone, the mainstay of operative treatment is ORIF.
The weakening of the proximal bony support can lead to a stress riser between the region without bone ingrowth and the distal well-fixed femoral disphysis.
(b) A new locking ring and liner were placed in the preexisting well-fixed Duraloc cup.
(10,14) Well-fixed humeral stems may require humeral shaft osteotomy to remove the prosthesis regardless of whether cement fixation is used.
With that as a financial reality, it's no surprise that the junior senator from Vermont is warning that the United States is a "plutocracy" There he is, nesting on the Senate floor amid his well-fixed colleagues as they loophole tax laws favoring the richest of the nation's rich, themselves included.