well-founded opinion

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Regular readers of this column know I've been a "Never Trump" independent, but even my well-founded opinion that Candidate Trump was unfit by personality and temperament and unprepared by experience and training didn't prepare me for his actual incompetence in office.
The management board and supervisory board of Heiler Software AG will thoroughly examine the offer published today and subsequently publish a well-founded opinion on it.
Big John has surely never knowingly short-changed an interviewer in his life and is always prepared to offer a well-founded opinion on anything from equine conditioning to the new Jakob Dylan album, but for his pains he gets murmurings from the press about liking the sound of his own intellect a little too much.
The celibate priesthood is, first, traditional in the Latin rite; secondly, it has served extremely well; thirdly, there is a well-founded opinion that ordaining married men would not really replenish the numbers at all.
First, you need to take a systematic approach, analysing markets carefully and developing well-founded opinions on market opportunities and risks.
The aim of the solar trade case report (http://www.chinaglobaltrade.com/issue/us-solar-trade-case-against-china-and-chinese-solar-industry-development) is to sort out facts and well-founded opinions from unfounded opinions and half truths, to discern the role that subsidies have played, and to explore the other factors that might give China's producers a legitimate competitive advantage.