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She added that the two countries will follow the British probe into the poisoning of the former Russia-UK double agent "closely" and are "convinced" that the conclusions that were made by the investigators so far are "already well-grounded."
A modern bride is a busy career oriented yet well-grounded woman, she thrives on achieving personal goals and breaking stereotypes in modern business environment -- the Imperatrice collection was inspired by this woman.
But there are well-grounded reasons why many people remain anxious about the long-term prospects for the economy.
Handsome, well-grounded, discreet male man looking for a partner.
Lockie's family is well-grounded working class; Tim's father is a DON, director of Nursing at the local hospital.
His lawyer said: "I hope the court will be able to distance itself from the public resonance of this case and deliver a well-grounded and just verdict."
68th Session of UN General Assembly was "well-grounded".
These arguments speak against conciliationism, but the article then goes on to defend a conciliatory view about well-grounded belief: when you believe p, and you have good reason to believe that your epistemic peer disagrees with you, you are not justified in believing p because that belief is no longer well-grounded.
Since the first election of President Obama in 2008, the well-grounded fear he would restrict ownership rights of guns and ammunition fueled panic buying reaching a peak shortly after the Newtown atrocity.
In this connection, he laid emphasis on the need "to wage a war on corruption," saying the system is the attribute of an active civil society which components seek to combat corruption and a judiciary well-grounded in corruption cases.
The well-grounded Java developer; vital techniques of Java 7 and Polyglot programming.
"Ellie is really pleased that she has won these parts but she is a very well-grounded little girl and is very realistic.