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In Sudan (excluding the Darfur region and parts of the South around Juba and Nimule), citizens place nearly equal importance on international television and radio for staying well-informed about international events.
In theory, at least, it's never been easier to be well-informed.
As do most Canadians, I therefore have to rely on eyewitness accounts of the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, in order to arrive at a well-informed assessment of the situation, preferably well balanced and thoughtfully researched accounts.
Richard Tuck, in his well-informed account of "the institutional setting," points out that the humanists' belief "that philosophy could not be understood nor taught in isolation from rhetoric" caused many colleges and universities to introduce courses combining the two disciplines, curriculum changes that persisted throughout the seventeenth century (16-22).
Both nursing home and assisted living providers can agree that increased regulation does not necessarily lead to quality of care or well-informed consumers.
All debaters need to be well-informed on the subjects they debate.
A well-informed patient can cooperate more successfully with a physician, and the author helps readers to understand heart conditions and the choices that they must make.
It directs the physician to protect and promote the interests of the patient as those interests are understood from a well-informed, disciplined clinical perspective.
The projects will carry on because Jim kept good files and kept people well-informed," Watson said.
Most of this book is a well-informed and imaginative appeal for respect of the last old-growth forests of the Northwest.