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In higher education, senior scholars supposedly "know" more than junior faculty and well-informed citizens.
'Having voter education in the school curriculum, our youth will be well-prepared, well-informed, and become politically mature and responsible voters and citizens,' he said.
"We believe that visiting UAE universities and other entities will help to spread awareness about making well-informed financial decisions to achieve financial health and security, and we are very keen to make such visits a regular event to reach as many students as we can."
So I think that I need to have a really well-informed, welleducated opinion."
There should especially be well-informed women included.
Damascus, (SANA) -- A well-informed Syrian source refuted on Saturday a report by Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai that former US envoy for the Mideast peace process Dennis Ross visited Damascus last week and met a number of officials.The source said that the newspaper's reports quoting "well-informed sources" that recent weeks witnessedan unprecedented Syrian cooperation in the peace process, whichcaused Washington to open a secret communication channel with Syria officials to reach a comprehensive peace agreement between Syria and Israel, are baseless and unfounded.The source said that the US envoy for the peace process George Mitchell is the only one tasked with this file by the US administration, and that his visits to Damascus are paid in public.H.
We are still not giving up hope and we have got a lot of very well-informed questions to ask."
Summary: Occupied Melillia - Spanish authorities impose a total blackout as clashes went on, Sunday night near the "la Canada" neighbourhood in Melillia, which broke out last week when angry youths started protesting against their exclusion from the local employment programme, well-informed source said.
Summary: BEIRUT: A force from the Internal Security Force's Theft Combating Bureau, assisted by the Lebanese Army, raided several arm depots in the Bekaa Valley towns of Hawr Taala and Brital and arrested 20 people, a well-informed security source told The Daily Star.
The weekly cited well-informed sources that President Saleh will discuss with the journalists several issues concerning the press work, the syndicate's role and enhancing the expression freedom according to the law.
Still, well-informed sources say that it is a matter of a well-planned political game and that Arifi is always consulting her leader before any kind of public appearance.
In Vreme, analyst Agim Jonuz says that Macedonia's young people are so well-informed and prepared for the new era that they want to live it here and now.