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Many ASEAN countries currently lack comprehensive and well developed ground transport infrastructure and countries in these regions are divided by vast seas, therefore there is a demand for a well-knit, flexible air-transport system, said Dave.
According to Frost & Sullivan, the demand for a well-knit air travel infrastructure system and the increasing demand for low-cost travel are the main drivers for the implementation of open skies policies in the ASEAN region.
The tragedy forced members of the well-knit Indian community in Jubail to create an awareness among the youngsters about the dangers of illegal and unsupervised driving.
Her well-knit prose mingles her first-hand experience of the socio-political context in Turkey with her conception of social pressure and gender prejudice.
In Paul Taylor's Aureole, Heather McGinley seamlessly combines celestial beauty with well-knit strength, counterpointing plunging attitude penchees, weighty cabrioles, and slicing grand jet,s with a refined upper body and serene smile.
Typically for John, in Thursday's reading he was part of a well-knit woodwind ensemble, delivering Brahms' pastoral colourings with character and suave empathy.
I spent the best moments of my childhood years at our barir pujo (or 'home puja', organised by large, well-knit families, as opposed to the neighbourhood community-organised parar Pujo).
Modern cities are now in need of innovative solutions ensuring a safe environment, in accordance with a well-knit strategy to identify potential effects of climatic disasters and how avert their long-term impact, with focus on addressing causes rater than being confined to results," HRH said.
All of us are proud of overcoming the situation with success, and we, as a well-knit family, have to spare no effort for the sake of developing our cherished kingdom at all levels and ensuring it a brighter future," he said, calling for the need to abide by the law and stand united against those who want to destabilise our beloved nation through adopting foreign agendas.
com has a well-knit network of publishers and vendors and carries books across more than 1000+ specialty subject categories from more than 10,000 publishers.
From there, they were taken to operational areas, as they had close links with a well-knit terrorist organisation and were prepared to cause further damage by launching attacks on the army and sensitive installations, he added.