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Many ASEAN countries currently lack comprehensive and well developed ground transport infrastructure and countries in these regions are divided by vast seas, therefore there is a demand for a well-knit, flexible air-transport system, said Dave.
The Dragons don't lose a lot of players and they will be a well-knit team.
All the villas have private fences to ensure the privacy of residents, and a well-knit street system connects the villas through pedestrian walkways.
MANY CITIES IN CANADA AND THE US have developed active public and community public art programs in recent years and this trend has enlivened city spaces and given voice to well-knit communities.
Well done to the players, but more importantly to the terrific manager, who has created a well-knit team out of local and relatively second-tier players.
People having close relationship with nature and land tend to simplify life in their day to day chores and dreams, as their time and space constraints are limited by the daily dawn and dusk, and by the closeness of their well-knit families of relatives, in-laws and friends.
One of the photos epitomizes the far-from-obscure object of desire in the 1940's and 50's: a well-knit, but not pumped-up, young blond, in a tight T-shirt and dungarees with turned-up cuffs and a headpiece that could easily be a beret or a sailor's cap.
In its seven years, the bar and restaurant has established itself as a location with a well-knit array of beverage programs throughout the year; Kwapy is in charge of the programs that deal with spirits and beer.
After ascending the throne, he built a well-knit information network staffed by eunuchs, whom his father had specifically blocked from the core of politics, to spy on scholar-officials who might challenge his legitimacy and his absolutism.
The Coventry Suite is a fusion of my own and other composers' work, which incorporates disparate elements into one well-knit piece.
Thus, rather than Claudius it is Gertrude as jointress who has "popp'd in between th'election" and Hamlet's hopes, obstructing and complicating the succession, which can no longer be the "closed, well-knit, concise" compact of male-male inheritance but has been put "out of joint" for Hamlet by the woman who is not only his mother but who, "conjunctive to [his uncle's] life and soul," has in effect conferred the state of Denmark upon him by bringing him her jointure in marriage.