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They said: "Cameron was the kindest and well-mannered boy.
I believe my six years of experience so far in Bahrain has helped in my endeavours to become a more well-mannered, rounded person, able and willing to accept and appreciate diversity.
Well-dressed, well-mannered and mysterious, he spoke his lines at a slow pace.
Headteacher Nicky Walters said: " e students' behaviour was judged as outstanding, which not only means that they behave exceedingly well generally, being polite, well-mannered and courteous, but also that they participate to the full in lessons, supporting each other with their learning.
Plumbers and electricians came out as the friendliest - with local respondents identifying them as the most well-mannered trade professionals.
If a father is well-mannered, the whole family becomes well-mannered.
This well-mannered 5-year-old is more puppy love than Norse god and wields kisses not hammers, but he does insist on being your sole canine companion.
This one probably sneaked under the radar a bit as she's so well-mannered at home.
This is not a reflection on the majority of the students, as they are well-mannered and well-behaved, but on the landlords who neglect to maintain their properties and gardens.
They were very well-mannered and drank basil lime gimlets, pineapple 75's, Maker's on the rocks, margaritas and wine," The New York Post quoted a source as saying.
We deeply resent attempts to portray the students' rallies as disruptive, the rally was well-mannered.
Also, it is parents' responsibility to bring up their children in a well-mannered way.