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"He grew up into a quiet and well-mannered young man who had first-hand experience of keepering."
"Sarah was a lovely, bright, intelligent and well-mannered pupil and she will be hugely missed by everyone at school," it said.
'Third, I wish to see students of the future become well-mannered citizens.
Reports from the institution where he is currently held described him as being "polite and well-mannered", the court was told.
As with his models, he aimed to create the the most elegant and well-mannered ladies,' said Conchitina Bernardo, one of the country's top models and a longtime member of the Bb Pilipinas executive committee.
I have a lovely grandson who has learning difficulties and, do you know what, he is lovely, loving and well-mannered. I am proud of him.
TRIBUTES have been paid to "the kindest and well-mannered boy" who died after suddenly contracting meningitis.
He is fast, has great style and drive, and is well-mannered in the blind.
Some are practical, some are playful, and all are necessary for the raising of happy, well-mannered dogs (and humans).
Eight years ago, in this column, I applauded musicians of a certain age for showing more spirit than some of the pale, uninteresting but nice, well-mannered boys and girls who played pale, uninteresting but nice, well-mannered music at that year's Glastonbury Festival.
ITV's new documentary series Alexander Armstrong in the Land of the Midnight Sun is exciting and entertaining with its gentle, well-mannered host making an 8,000-mile journey around the Arctic Circle.
Bahrain fortunately has a hub of intelligent, well-mannered global citizens who have not been afraid to welcome new experiences and they will remain life-long friends and networking allies.