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The axis of monsoon trough runs through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, centre of the well-marked low, thence northeastwards to Assam across southern part of Bangladesh.
New development is paying more attention to providing well-marked parking spaces for EV cars, whose popularity continues to grow, especially with the continued innovation shown by automobile manufacturer Tesla and others.
The drive is well-marked, this being BLM land, and the recreation day-use area is open year-round with hiking trails as well as newer trails for mountain biking.
Authorities said the driver went off-road and entered a well-marked minefield in an apparent attempt to avoid border controls.
There are well-marked footpaths over the entire areas already which anyone can use for walking or running and even horse riding too, except that this entails paying a huge annual fee to guess who, Farnley Estates of course.
Well-marked surfaces and a good infrastructure are important to the system's full efficiency; this explains why Tesla has chosen to roll out Autopilot first in the USA, but it could prove a challenge on the UK's fractured road system...
The audit advocates solutions to improve enterprise management, so we will proceed to a studied manner and on a well-marked changes to its program, "the minister said.
"There are a number of well-marked paths leading up from the town into the countryside, and it's entirely possible Fergus took a hike up one of these.
Fred Abrahams, HRW special advisor, stated that "t he Israeli military carried out attacks on or near three well-marked schools where it knew hundreds of people were taking shelter, killing and wounding scores of civilians," and Israel "h as offered no convincing explanation for these attacks on schools where people had gone for protection and the resulting carnage."
"The course was really well-marked, and that was one of my concerns going in,'' overall winner Stephen Polito of Worcester said.
A well-marked cold front crossed the southern Cape early in the week, pushing a (low pressure) trough ahead of it towards the east.
Marks River, and these bars lie just out of the well-marked channel which leads to Apalachee Bay.