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It was very well-marked, easy to make out the cones and markings.
According to the manufacturer, the radical new design unmistakably targets an adult male and female audience age 21 to 29 with a well-marked "We .
The Eocene pelecypod and gastropod fauna of Pakistan has a well-marked affinity with that of Albania, Bulgaria, Burma, Egypt, England, France, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jamaica, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Soudan, Spain, Srilanka, Switzerland, Tibet and Turkey.
Well laid-out and well-marked paths meant that safety for children was at an optimum--even though that does not mean that children can be allowed to run wild.
The met analysis shows a well-marked low pressure area lies over North Orissa (India) and adjoining areas that is likely to move west-northwest wards during next 24 hours.
A trek along one of the many well-marked routes is a peaceful respite from the lively tourist areas on the coast, and the chance to visit some of the many Byzantine churches and monasteries that nestle on the mountains.
An expatriate aid worker was killed in an attack on a well-marked vehicle north of Bocaranga in June 2007, and local citizens continue to be kidnapped and held for ransom on a regular basis.
Oman Air has been following a well-marked and planned programme with regard to its developmental phase.
There's the option of fly-fishing for trout or sailing on the reservoir, at a cost of course, while a number of dedicated footpaths and trails are well-marked.
Go ahead on the well-marked path, always with a hedge on the left, until the path opens out into a field at the crossing of a stream.
Well-marked footpaths snake their way from village to village.
Under the Lands for Life process enhanced management area (EMA) prohibits trespassers from entering onto the well-marked EMAs.