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It took extra time after a goalless 90 minutes to separate the two well-matched teams with England boss Hodgson pictured trying to inspire his team for the extra period.
1 Andy - expects a finely-balanced tie between two well-matched teams.
Murray expects a finely-balanced tie between two well-matched teams.
Southampton are faltering as well away from home, and it just goes to emphasise that the Championship is a difficult and well-matched league.
Based on the metal gearhead Series 32A; the low noise module for the first stage of the 32ALN features a detailed and well-matched combination of module, teeth count, helical angles, gearing width, and material choice.
Glyn Derw and Michaelston are well-matched and in areas of similar deprivation.
It is thermodynamically stable, has low ohmic resistance, has a well-matched thermal expansion coefficient, and is chemically compatible with the remainder of the stack.
TEAM PERPIGNAN BENETTON TREVISO 35 14 A LATE flurry of points saw Perpignan to a first victory in Pool Five of the Heineken Cup, though the scoreline was harsh on a well-matched Treviso side.
After a penalty apiece, winger Greg Summers ended a well-matched half with an interception try.
The UNI 160x240 horizontal directional drill was specifically developed for heavy and long range construction applications; well-matched and industry leading components provide optimal use of engine power, torque and rotation which promotes high performance, high productivity, high power and ensures long machine life.
Corby and Bretz studied 51 well-matched twin pairs (each set was a case and a control), regarding their treatment responses to flossing over a two-week period.
The study included 51 well-matched pairs of twins and tested their responses to dental flossing over a 2-week period.