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And although Merkel's been criticised extensively for it, the verdict came back recently on her well-ordered plans, and certainly it's positive.
One unchanging feature of John Rawls's thought is that we theorize about well-ordered societies.
In order to fabricate well-ordered PAA, various approaches were proposed.
"Until now no one has been able to test theoretical predictions regarding nanoribbon edge-states, because no one could figure out how to see the atomic-scale structure at the edge of a well-ordered graphene nanoribbon and how, at the same time, to measure its electronic properties within nanometers of the edge," said Michael Crommie of Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division (MSD) and UC Berkeley's Physics Division, who led the research.
Since hanging was a judicial punishment at the time, Place seems to be implying that 'in a well-ordered community' the framers of repressive legislation would be hanged as criminals, i.e.
Happily, the demonstration was as well-ordered as it was sincere and passionate, and the marchers are to be congratulated on the dignity with which they made their case.
It is important we realise that feelings invoked when bereaved, will not demonstrate themselves in well-ordered ways.
Now it was a strangely and wonderfully well-defined, well-ordered pattern, as if it had always been and always would be.
This may be true only in situations that are well-ordered and predictable.
The contrast between a well-ordered existence and the pervasiveness of gendered hatred enables the character Claudia and the eponymous novel to sneak up on you and get under your skin.
Gary Klein examines a set of typical claims about how to think more effectively and finds them better suited to a well-ordered, stable world than to our "world of shadows, where we don't know all the causes or how they work, we can't pin down all the knowledge we need in order to be successful, and we aren't sure we understand the goals."
A team of researchers from EMPA in Switzerland have reported an original approach to fabricate thin films composed of well-ordered hollow urchinlike ZnO nanowires (NWs).