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Investing in clean technology will help diversify Canada's economy, open access to new markets and create well-paying jobs.
Wenzl says there is no shortage of interested applicants available since most Sudburians recognize employment in the mining industry as a well-paying job.
More than 400 Canadians representing 100 companies showcased their innovations and developed international business contacts that translate into highly skilled, well-paying jobs for Canadians working in this vibrant, export-driven industry.
For Blind River Mayor Bob Gallagher, a ministry announcement can't come soon enough for the regional town of 3,100 which experienced the loss of several well-paying jobs in the 1990s.
In today's digital age, an innovation economy that creates well-paying jobs for the middle class depends on an open, secure and interoperable Internet.
2 million to build, but a new call centre being leased for the next five years by Teletech Holdings holds the promise of well-paying jobs and a long-term stay.