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Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith, Cabinet Secretary and Chair of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force Broderick Johnson, and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, will travel to Baltimore, Maryland, to announce new steps to advance the President's TechHire initiative and expand opportunities for young Americans to get trained and placed into well-paying tech jobs.
companies need to be able to compete and win in global markets to support well-paying jobs at home.
These well-paying jobs tied to trade help my hard-working constituents provide for their families.
Schools turned away at least 3,500 applicants in the past two years because they were full, while thousands of well-paying jobs in the health and computer fields sat empty.
Crucially, these will be highlyskilled, well-paying jobs that will provide a degree of security for workers' families.
It] allows the entire Association to communicate that our industry is an important part of the American manufacturing community, making a vital product and creating well-paying jobs.
More than 600 well-paying jobs with benefits will be at stake with Leominster residents being given preference.
In this economy, we are extremely proud to be able to bring well-paying, quality job opportunities to this area.
The growing evidence that the bulk of university courses will come in at more than pounds 6,000 is not only a political embarrassment for the Government, but could cause financial difficulties for the Treasury, as ministers are committed to providing up-front loans to be paid back when graduates get well-paying jobs.
Every day, Americans across the country are going to work at well-paying, stable jobs at solar companies, from small installers all the way up to Fortune 500 companies," said Rhone Resch, SEIA president and CEO.
At the same time, the push for new college graduates is also likely to give renewed energy to the cultural mantra of a four-year degree or better being the only path to a well-paying job.
The United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Sprinklerfitters (UA) is proud to be a part of this collaboration and looks forward to adding thousands of well-paying construction jobs to this country," said Hite.