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An ongoing trend of opening regional manufacturing facilities is bringing hundreds of highly skilled and well-paying job opportunities to Idaho.
Investing in clean technology will help diversify Canada's economy, open access to new markets and create well-paying jobs.
With soaring housing costs, bad schools, horrendous traffic jams and a dearth of well-paying jobs, Southern California's once-golden lifestyle continues to dim, a scorecard released Thursday by the regional planning agency shows.
Wenzl says there is no shortage of interested applicants available since most Sudburians recognize employment in the mining industry as a well-paying job.
The reforms listed in this report would certainly go a long way to help companies like NUMMI retain well-paying, high quality manufacturing jobs in California.
More than 400 Canadians representing 100 companies showcased their innovations and developed international business contacts that translate into highly skilled, well-paying jobs for Canadians working in this vibrant, export-driven industry.
Roberto Barragan, president of the Valley Economic Development Center, was less sanguine about the economy, considering the loss of well-paying manufacturing jobs in Los Angeles.
For Blind River Mayor Bob Gallagher, a ministry announcement can't come soon enough for the regional town of 3,100 which experienced the loss of several well-paying jobs in the 1990s.
This historic and courageous proposal recognizes the overwhelmingly important priority to keep children in school, make graduates of our schools more employable, and prepare many thousands of students for productive, well-paying jobs that are essential in keeping California economically competitive.
In today's digital age, an innovation economy that creates well-paying jobs for the middle class depends on an open, secure and interoperable Internet.
Instead of wasting time talking about these silly ideas, why don't they just get to work grappling with the real problems of unsafe neighborhoods, gridlocked streets and the lack of well-paying jobs?
2 million to build, but a new call centre being leased for the next five years by Teletech Holdings holds the promise of well-paying jobs and a long-term stay.